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Best Valentine’s Day…ever

February 23, 2010

It was a great day.  Perfect.  Things that were planned went according to the plan.  Other plans that did not work were successfully replaced by backup plans. Things left unplanned worked out just fine.  The huge gamble of getting married on the beach in February paid off with a beautiful day, could not have been better in Winter.

If you look back through the blog, you will notice that the beach was a backup plan.  We were thinking about Mt. Trashmore.  I like that Mt. Trashmore represents a new like for old recycled things.  We thought it might be a symbol.  But the beach provided better symbolism.  Curtis, the former Virginia Beach mayor, mentioned how the waves of the ocean are eternal like our love.  Curtis was another example of a great backup.  George was the first choice, but there were a few obstacles, and we found Curtis at the last minute.  But his thick Virginia accent added an interesting local touch.  As Kerri walked across the beach, there was an a capella impromptu “Isn’t She Lovely”.

Waterman’s was one of the original plans that worked out perfect.  Although we arrived early, so Kerri and I paraded up and down Atlantic Ave. in the convertible.  Alexis was the chauffeur, and Kathy was the photographer.  I had tried to get a coworker who is a retired wedding photographer while Kerri looked into other options.  We never found something that worked, but Kathy stepped in and did a great job with the photos.  We also took photos on the boardwalk with Neptune and the dolphin in the tuxedo, my wedding party, the best mammal.

Back at Waterman’s the food was incredible.  I sang Kerri the song I wrote her (go to the entry for Feb. 14).  We had a great view of the ocean at dusk, and returned to the beach for more pictures.  Virginia Beach became busy with people celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Our night ended with a beautiful 15th floor view from the Hilton.


Adventures in Domesticity

February 22, 2010

I spent two days looking for my hammer.  Well, first, I spent two days looking for the cable to my digital camera.  And when I stopped looking for the cable, and started looking for my hammer I found the cable.  But of course, couldn’t find my hammer.

Before Christmas, I found a great toolkit/bag at Walmart for $20.  It had just about everything I needed – hammer, nails, screwdriver, level, even goggles.  So since then I’ve been busy hanging things and trying to make our apartment look like we live in it.  I’m still working on the drapes part, but I love having open windows.


I finally found my hammer when I started looking for garbage bags after emptying the barrel in the kitchen.  So I’ve been trying to work on a few projects around the house.  Aside from my missing hammer debacle, I started attacking the bedroom, and getting rid of the piles of clothes all over.  I finished up Chriso’s side of the bed, under the window, and now I have my side to work on.

My next project was a piece of exercise equipment that I got for Christmas two years ago.

It doesn’t look like much, but Chriso tried it and loved it.  It’s basically a stepping machine, or a climber.  I used it for a few minutes after putting it together, and it worked great.  So now we can be lazy while working out.  It’s been difficult getting over to the clubhouse/gym we have in our complex, so I think this will at least get us motivated to get some exercise right at home.

Also, I swept the porch and turned our throw rug around and evened it out, for symmetry.  Because I’m not OCD.  No, really.

Another big “to do” on my list was putting some of my wedding stuff away.  Everything was pretty much contained in one box, so it was just a matter of getting the rest of it together and putting it away somewhere.

But I didn’t put EVERYTHING away.  Chriso bought me a pair of wedding bears as a gift, not for any particular occasion other than they were cute.  So the wedding bears will stay out with the wedding pictures once I have some printed.  I think it’s a nice memento.

But now it’s Monday, and Chriso is sleeping after having worked a 13 hour shift overnight to North Carolina.  And I find I must be getting ready for work.


February 22, 2010

Yesterday was our one week anniversary.  Or, as Alexis put it, our Week-a-versary.  So we’ve been married for one week.  And boy, it’s been a week.  An amazing week, but a week nonetheless.

So, as an impromptu Week-a-versary activity, Chris and I went to the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk.  And also got Chriso’s phone from the Red Cross that he left at work the night before.  Yup.  We were all booked up.

The Chrysler has free general admission, but they have a donation box at the desk so we always put a few dollars in.  Although, I think we’re considering becoming members of this and the aquarium as well.  But not yet.


Each time we go to Chrysler, we have a pattern, which is based on how the museum is set up.  We start with glass, and circle through the entire first floor, through the Mayan sculptures and then on to the second floor with the modern art, 18th-20th century paintings and photography.

THIS time, Chriso thought it might be fun to play a game while we were there.  We took a brochure from the front desk, and followed along with the featured art works, and took pictures with each of them.  We actually visited every room this time, with the exception of a new photography gallery which isn’t open yet.  It was great because we saw new things that we’d never seen before.

So, in our game, Chriso took the first floor, and I took the second.  To be perfectly honest, I had no idea this game would be so fun until I started taking pictures.

Here, Chriso tries to convince me he knows what he’s talking about.  Maybe.


Once we started walking around and following the pictures in the book, it was really pretty interesting, and I really started getting into it.  The abstract art and photography are two of my favorite galleries, so the second floor was all about me.



And I kept making Chriso pose.



Because who doesn’t LOVE to pose for pictures in an art museum.  I mean, seriously.





We had to walk down the side staircase, and back up the center one just so we could walk down Chriso’s favorite spiral staircase in the back of the museum.



One thing about Chriso and I is that we always have a great time together.  We always manage to make time for each other even though are schedules sometimes seem to be mismatched.  And I really think that it’s going to be very important to our staying power down the road.  I mean, seriously, after ten years, we still enjoy  each other’s company, and have so many AMAZING dates.  I think we’ll do great.

Six Days

February 20, 2010

Six days into married life.  I’m not gonna lie – it feels weird.  And different.  And the same.

After our 2 days away from reality, both Chris and I went back to work, and back to our seemingly normal – if you’re us – schedule, where I got to work, he meets me for lunch, then goes to work himself.

Mundane and familiar.  And very, very different.  Because now we’re married.

And honestly, it feels amazing.  I get to be with my best friend for the rest of my life.

Now I have to worry about things like how to file taxes and changing my name, and what I’m supposed to do with a thousand business cards at work.  And then there’s the housekeeping, and my need to make our home feel just like that – a home.

Our music room is coming together nicely, and the living room looks great.  And I can’t wait to put up some pictures in the beautiful frames we received as wedding gifts.  The kitchen is maintaining its current state of non-clutter.  But it’s the bedroom that is currently giving me trouble.  In the way that combined, we have a lot of clothes.  And sometimes no place to put them.  So the clothes are in piles.  Although I might just make that my project for the weekend.

But married life feels the same, only much different.

And although Chris has been married before, this is a new journey that neither of us has experienced, and I can’t wait to learn and grow together.

Oh, and as a side note, I’ve been tearing our house apart looking for the plug for my digital camera so I can put pictures on my computer.  I’m fairly certain that this is just one of those things that got mysteriously moved during the chaos of last weekend, but hopefully will be found again.

So, while I sit in bed folding laundry, listening to the cat snore,  watching Buffy and blogging, and while Chris falls asleep on the couch because he worked long hours this morning, I will enjoy the life of a newly married woman, and can only hope that  I get it right.  I’m pretty sure I got the first part right, now it’s time for all the rest.

A Quick Thank You

February 16, 2010

Much like my new husband, I don’t have too much time at the moment to go into crazy details, but our weekend was amazing.

I just wanted to thank everyone who came – you all helped make it a very special day for Chris and me. 

I promise this week, I will send out thank you’s to everyone, and blog more on our fantastic weekend.

Thanks again!


Heading back to reality

February 16, 2010

I will blog about the day when I have more time, but it was great, and perfect, and so much to say I need to find a moment to really recapture it…


but we did get a short honeymoon, with the big honeymoon coming next month… now it is tuesday (our first time apart since we were married) BACK TO REALITY


funny, i do not need to worry about the weather now, and never really did need to worry… like everything else, it worked out just fine…

Kerri’s Song

February 14, 2010

I love you more than Romeo loved Juliet,

Take that to Vegas baby, it’s an easy bet.

I love you more, you know it’s the truth,

I love you more than Boaz loved Ruth.

…..and I love you more….

I love you more than Starsky loved Hutch,

You should know because I love you so much.

I love you more than mom loved dad,

Baby you’re the best friend I ever had.

….and I love you more….

I love you more than Samson loved Delilah,

You should know because my heart is on fire.

I love you more than the king loved the queen,

Baby you’re the best friend I’ve ever seen.