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Adventures in Domesticity

February 22, 2010

I spent two days looking for my hammer.  Well, first, I spent two days looking for the cable to my digital camera.  And when I stopped looking for the cable, and started looking for my hammer I found the cable.  But of course, couldn’t find my hammer.

Before Christmas, I found a great toolkit/bag at Walmart for $20.  It had just about everything I needed – hammer, nails, screwdriver, level, even goggles.  So since then I’ve been busy hanging things and trying to make our apartment look like we live in it.  I’m still working on the drapes part, but I love having open windows.


I finally found my hammer when I started looking for garbage bags after emptying the barrel in the kitchen.  So I’ve been trying to work on a few projects around the house.  Aside from my missing hammer debacle, I started attacking the bedroom, and getting rid of the piles of clothes all over.  I finished up Chriso’s side of the bed, under the window, and now I have my side to work on.

My next project was a piece of exercise equipment that I got for Christmas two years ago.

It doesn’t look like much, but Chriso tried it and loved it.  It’s basically a stepping machine, or a climber.  I used it for a few minutes after putting it together, and it worked great.  So now we can be lazy while working out.  It’s been difficult getting over to the clubhouse/gym we have in our complex, so I think this will at least get us motivated to get some exercise right at home.

Also, I swept the porch and turned our throw rug around and evened it out, for symmetry.  Because I’m not OCD.  No, really.

Another big “to do” on my list was putting some of my wedding stuff away.  Everything was pretty much contained in one box, so it was just a matter of getting the rest of it together and putting it away somewhere.

But I didn’t put EVERYTHING away.  Chriso bought me a pair of wedding bears as a gift, not for any particular occasion other than they were cute.  So the wedding bears will stay out with the wedding pictures once I have some printed.  I think it’s a nice memento.

But now it’s Monday, and Chriso is sleeping after having worked a 13 hour shift overnight to North Carolina.  And I find I must be getting ready for work.

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