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Six Days

February 20, 2010

Six days into married life.  I’m not gonna lie – it feels weird.  And different.  And the same.

After our 2 days away from reality, both Chris and I went back to work, and back to our seemingly normal – if you’re us – schedule, where I got to work, he meets me for lunch, then goes to work himself.

Mundane and familiar.  And very, very different.  Because now we’re married.

And honestly, it feels amazing.  I get to be with my best friend for the rest of my life.

Now I have to worry about things like how to file taxes and changing my name, and what I’m supposed to do with a thousand business cards at work.  And then there’s the housekeeping, and my need to make our home feel just like that – a home.

Our music room is coming together nicely, and the living room looks great.  And I can’t wait to put up some pictures in the beautiful frames we received as wedding gifts.  The kitchen is maintaining its current state of non-clutter.  But it’s the bedroom that is currently giving me trouble.  In the way that combined, we have a lot of clothes.  And sometimes no place to put them.  So the clothes are in piles.  Although I might just make that my project for the weekend.

But married life feels the same, only much different.

And although Chris has been married before, this is a new journey that neither of us has experienced, and I can’t wait to learn and grow together.

Oh, and as a side note, I’ve been tearing our house apart looking for the plug for my digital camera so I can put pictures on my computer.  I’m fairly certain that this is just one of those things that got mysteriously moved during the chaos of last weekend, but hopefully will be found again.

So, while I sit in bed folding laundry, listening to the cat snore,  watching Buffy and blogging, and while Chris falls asleep on the couch because he worked long hours this morning, I will enjoy the life of a newly married woman, and can only hope that  I get it right.  I’m pretty sure I got the first part right, now it’s time for all the rest.

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