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Chris and I have debated on several locations to have our ceremony.  Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach is one of those locations we’re thinking about.  Despite it’s interesting name, we chose it for it’s location, and the amazing view from the top.  Although you cannot see the beach or the ocean, the view is beautiful.  There is a view of the lake, the city, and the skyline, all of which will make a beautiful scene.

We talked about getting married on the beach.  And of course, that may be our backup plan. But getting married outdoors is fitting.

A little bit about… Mt. Trashmore

Mount Trashmore is an example of landfill reuse as its creation consisted of the conversion of an abandoned landfill into a park.

World-renowned Mount Trashmore Park is 165 acres, 60 feet high, over 800 feet long, and was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. Recognized for its environmental feat, the park features the Water Wise demonstration garden that boasts xeriscaping where you can learn how to create a beautiful garden with minimal water requirements.


Next up we have the Chrysler Museum of Art.  We found this museum on a fluke on Sunday after attending a service at a local church.  Admission is free, but they do accept donations, and there is also a fee for membership if you want to get into some of the special events they offer.

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