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About Us


Chris is a musician.  He’s also a teacher for life, and a professional driver.  He loves the beach, and tries to make a goal out of going there everyday and swimming.


Kerri is a blogger, multi-tasking master, vocalist/musician, financial aid advisor, and a ninja-wannabe.

Chris and Kerri

IMG_0172We met in 1998.

Over the last 11 years, we have been able to keep in touch, despite taking different paths in life.  Those paths eventually are what brought us together.

December of 2008, we reconnected again, for the last time – and permanently.  From that point on, we were dating exclusively, and making tentative plans for a future together.  Because things like that are fun to do when you’re dating.

In July of 2009, we packed up everything and took a road trip with Florida as a destination.  After more than 12 hours of driving, we stopped in Norfolk, Virginia, and took a break.  That break lasted 6 weeks.

Although it was a struggle to find work and a place to live in the beginning, once we got here, we knew Virginia was going to be the place for us.

In September, Virginia Beach became our home.  Chris and I found work.  And life started falling into place.

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