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Best Valentine’s Day…ever

February 23, 2010

It was a great day.  Perfect.  Things that were planned went according to the plan.  Other plans that did not work were successfully replaced by backup plans. Things left unplanned worked out just fine.  The huge gamble of getting married on the beach in February paid off with a beautiful day, could not have been better in Winter.

If you look back through the blog, you will notice that the beach was a backup plan.  We were thinking about Mt. Trashmore.  I like that Mt. Trashmore represents a new like for old recycled things.  We thought it might be a symbol.  But the beach provided better symbolism.  Curtis, the former Virginia Beach mayor, mentioned how the waves of the ocean are eternal like our love.  Curtis was another example of a great backup.  George was the first choice, but there were a few obstacles, and we found Curtis at the last minute.  But his thick Virginia accent added an interesting local touch.  As Kerri walked across the beach, there was an a capella impromptu “Isn’t She Lovely”.

Waterman’s was one of the original plans that worked out perfect.  Although we arrived early, so Kerri and I paraded up and down Atlantic Ave. in the convertible.  Alexis was the chauffeur, and Kathy was the photographer.  I had tried to get a coworker who is a retired wedding photographer while Kerri looked into other options.  We never found something that worked, but Kathy stepped in and did a great job with the photos.  We also took photos on the boardwalk with Neptune and the dolphin in the tuxedo, my wedding party, the best mammal.

Back at Waterman’s the food was incredible.  I sang Kerri the song I wrote her (go to the entry for Feb. 14).  We had a great view of the ocean at dusk, and returned to the beach for more pictures.  Virginia Beach became busy with people celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Our night ended with a beautiful 15th floor view from the Hilton.

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